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If Carlsberg did Parish Registers.......

Discussion in 'Church Records' started by Steve Bumstead, Mar 22, 2017.

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    North Devon, England
    An ancestor of mine, Charles Gillard married in Shepton Mallet, Somerset in 1805 and by March 1808 had moved to Bristol where he started having the children of his marriage baptised. I have never been able to find a baptism for Charles himself although Gillard is a fairly common name in Somerset (maddeningly he died a couple of months before the 1851 Census). A passing reference on a website pointed me to Gillards being baptised in Henstridge, a parish so far south in the county it is virtually surrounded by Dorset. There I found a baptism record for twins, the eldest children of Charles and his wife in 1806. How did I know it was them?

    Between 1802 and 1812 the vicar/clerk who compiled the register (Rev. Carlsberg anyone?) recorded the grandparents of both parents as well as their abode, and the occupations of both grandfathers. The details of the mother's parents confirmed I had the right couple and I now had the names of Charles' parents as well as his father's occupation - flax dresser, a new one for me. In addition baptisms by a sibling of his children, and following him up on the 1851 Census pointed me to a parish in Dorset where I found Charles' baptism.

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